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Join Phoebe and the regular series cast of The Originals for San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 22. The Originals Special Video Presentation and Q&A panel will be held from 12-1pm and will include executive producer Julie Plec and cast members Phoebe Tonkin, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood and Riley Voelkel.

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Hi everyone,

Most of you may not know this, but Phoebe Tonkin Network recently underwent an ownership change. We’ll be going through a transitional period and need a bit of time to get on our feet but we are incredibly excited to get the site back active and hope to be back soon and better than ever!

Wishing you all the best,

The Phoebe Tonkin Network Team

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Packed with hot young acting talent, including Dominic Sherwood from Vampire Academy, Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl and Phoebe Tonkin from The Originals – director Jim Gillespie’s breezy action film is about a bunch of wayward young adults, all children of millionaires, who are sent to a remote boot camp on a Scottish Island (though shot on the Isle of Man) to learn survival skills and how to take responsibility for themselves. When an armed team of kidnappers descend on the island the young captives need every bit of their brief training to survive.

Here’s the new poster:

and the Official Trailer:

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NEW UPDATE! I’ve added 47 photos of Phoebe Tonkin at The Ninth Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, 7 photos at the Frame Denim 3rd Anniversary, 33 photos at the Chanel Fine Jewelry Dinner, 3 photos at NET-A-PORTER Celebrates Women Behind The Lens, 11 photos at I Love Coco Backstage Beauty Lounge , 91 photos at The CW Network’s 2016 Upfront, and 36 photos at the Convention Insurgence8 in Birmingham. Previews and gallery links below:

006006_1001002010~64001~283NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 02:  Phoebe Tonkin attends as CHANEL Fine Jewelry Celebrates The New York Public Library Treasures Collection at The New York Public Library on June 2, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)00800704

Public Appearances > 2016 > June 4th The Ninth Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Liberty State Park in New Jersey

Public Appearances > 2016 > February 13th Frame Denim 3rd Anniversary at Indochine

Public Appearances > 2016 > June 2nd Chanel Fine Jewelry Dinner at the New York Public Library

Public Appearances > 2016 > February 26th NET-A-PORTER Celebrates Women Behind The Lens at Chateau Marmont

Public Appearances > 2016 > February 25th I Love Coco Backstage Beauty Lounge at Chateau Marmont

Public Appearances > 2016 > May 19th The CW Network’s 2016 Upfront

Public Appearances > 2016 > June 11/12th Convention Insurgence8 in Birmingham

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You may know Phoebe Tonkin for her turn as Hayley in The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, or earlier as Cleo inH2O: Just Add Water, but the Australian actress has made a special exception to model for Matteau, the swimwear line designed by her close friend Ilona Hamer and her sister Peta Heinsen.

Photoshoot HERE

“Ilona and I actually met at a Sydney event in Sydney about five and a half years ago,” remembers Tonkin, who celebrated her campaign appearance with an intimate and chic dinner held at China Heights Gallery days before Australian Fashion Week. “When she started working on Matteau I’d worn a couple of early models, and when she asked me to be in the first campaign, I was obviously very excited. and now I’ve told her no one else can be in the campaign!” she says playfully with a laugh.

“I’m probably the worst model because I like to have breaks, and snacks, and get out of the sun and do all the things that models aren’t really allowed to do – I’d want to have some guacamole and a margarita, so I’m not a particularly well behaved modelled,” jokes Tonkin, who had modelled younger but ultimately focused on her acting career.

On working with her close friends, designer Hamer and Alexandra Nataf, who photographed the campaign, “it is very effortless for them. They had such a clear idea of what they wanted so it was a very easy shoot. Sometimes it gets frustrating when a person doesn’t really know what they want. Ilona has such a succinct style that is very classic and beautiful and not complicated.”


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With her super natural beauty and laidback vibes, it comes as no surprise that Free People enlisted Phoebe Tonkin to be the face of a new collection inspired by Australia.

Photoshoot HERE

Living overseas, what do you miss most about Australia?
I wish I could bottle up my family and take them with me. When I was here last I hung out with four of my closest school friends [for] the first time in eight years. I really miss that familiarity and the type of banter I can have with my Aussie friends. We are a lot more self-deprecating and the first one to make the other red with embarrassment wins, really. I think I have definitely romanticised the idea of home as well. Leading up to summer all I can think about is drinking rosé by the beach and living in sunscreen and not much else.

You have 10 minutes to pack for a month long stay in Sydney. What do you take/leave/buy when you get there?
Take: Bikinis, denim shorts, white T-shirts.
Leave: Gym clothes, boots, makeup.
Buy: Coconut oil, local Banana Boat sunscreen, Havaianas.

What is the first thing you do when you get home?

I always, always, go get a latte at the coffee shop, then jump in the ocean at Balmoral beach. Nothing fights jet lag like the ocean.

Where are your go-to spots?
Charlotte Dodson for yoga, and Transform Health for a good outdoor workout. I also love to walk along the cliffs between Bronte and Bondi. I like to go to The Bathers’ Pavilion for dinner, and the Balmoral Boathouse for brunch. And nothing beats packing a picnic and drinking champagne on a grassy hill somewhere in Bondi.

Which Australian film best describes you?
You know I studied Picnic at Hanging Rock in high school. It was such an incredibly inspiring film to me as a teenager. I really loved the costumes and wanted to grow my hair out like the girls in it. I would say I am still a bit of a wanderer like Miranda in the film.



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I have added the lastest 2016 outtakes from the photo sessions Phoebe did with Alexandra Nataf, Girls In Frame, Grazia, Kat Borchart, Tom Newton, and Greg Kadel and Matthew Sprout. Give them a look:


Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2016 > Tom Newton

Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2016 > Kat Borchart

Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2016 > Greg Kadel and Matthew Sprout

Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2016 > Grazia

Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2016 > Girls In Frame

Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2016 > Alexandra Nataf

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I have added new 2014 and 2015 outtakes from the photo sessions Phoebe did with April Hubal and Alexandra Spencer. Plus two BTS of the shoot she did with Darren Tieste for The Beauty Book. Give them a look:


Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2014 > April Hubal

Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photos > 2015 > Alexandra Spencer

Studio Photoshoots > Behind The Scenes > The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer by Darren Tieste (2015)