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You may know Phoebe Tonkin for her turn as Hayley in The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, or earlier as Cleo inH2O: Just Add Water, but the Australian actress has made a special exception to model for Matteau, the swimwear line designed by her close friend Ilona Hamer and her sister Peta Heinsen.

Photoshoot HERE

“Ilona and I actually met at a Sydney event in Sydney about five and a half years ago,” remembers Tonkin, who celebrated her campaign appearance with an intimate and chic dinner held at China Heights Gallery days before Australian Fashion Week. “When she started working on Matteau I’d worn a couple of early models, and when she asked me to be in the first campaign, I was obviously very excited. and now I’ve told her no one else can be in the campaign!” she says playfully with a laugh.

“I’m probably the worst model because I like to have breaks, and snacks, and get out of the sun and do all the things that models aren’t really allowed to do – I’d want to have some guacamole and a margarita, so I’m not a particularly well behaved modelled,” jokes Tonkin, who had modelled younger but ultimately focused on her acting career.

On working with her close friends, designer Hamer and Alexandra Nataf, who photographed the campaign, “it is very effortless for them. They had such a clear idea of what they wanted so it was a very easy shoot. Sometimes it gets frustrating when a person doesn’t really know what they want. Ilona has such a succinct style that is very classic and beautiful and not complicated.”


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With her super natural beauty and laidback vibes, it comes as no surprise that Free People enlisted Phoebe Tonkin to be the face of a new collection inspired by Australia.

Photoshoot HERE

Living overseas, what do you miss most about Australia?
I wish I could bottle up my family and take them with me. When I was here last I hung out with four of my closest school friends [for] the first time in eight years. I really miss that familiarity and the type of banter I can have with my Aussie friends. We are a lot more self-deprecating and the first one to make the other red with embarrassment wins, really. I think I have definitely romanticised the idea of home as well. Leading up to summer all I can think about is drinking rosé by the beach and living in sunscreen and not much else.

You have 10 minutes to pack for a month long stay in Sydney. What do you take/leave/buy when you get there?
Take: Bikinis, denim shorts, white T-shirts.
Leave: Gym clothes, boots, makeup.
Buy: Coconut oil, local Banana Boat sunscreen, Havaianas.

What is the first thing you do when you get home?

I always, always, go get a latte at the coffee shop, then jump in the ocean at Balmoral beach. Nothing fights jet lag like the ocean.

Where are your go-to spots?
Charlotte Dodson for yoga, and Transform Health for a good outdoor workout. I also love to walk along the cliffs between Bronte and Bondi. I like to go to The Bathers’ Pavilion for dinner, and the Balmoral Boathouse for brunch. And nothing beats packing a picnic and drinking champagne on a grassy hill somewhere in Bondi.

Which Australian film best describes you?
You know I studied Picnic at Hanging Rock in high school. It was such an incredibly inspiring film to me as a teenager. I really loved the costumes and wanted to grow my hair out like the girls in it. I would say I am still a bit of a wanderer like Miranda in the film.



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To get the inside scoop on the action-packed hour, Phoebe Tonkin stopped by the ETonline studios and dished exclusive details on Hayley’s expertise in hybrid torture. Plus, have you ever wondered what Hayley and Elijah’s relationship would be like in a perfect, drama-free world? Tonkin described the swoon-worthy scenario!


Screen Captures > Interviews and Talk Show > Dec 03 2015: Phoebe Tonkin stopped by the ETonline studios

We’ve been having some serious Hayley and Rebekah withdrawals! Can we expect to see more scenes between those two kickass characters?
I think right now Haley is very much a part of trying to get Rebekah back and keeping Rebekah safe. She does have this really strong bond with her, like a sister, and she feel very protective of her. Hayley feels like Rebekah really did a lot to protect her, especially in the beginning, and she always tried to fight for Haley. So now Hayley kind of feels like she needs to do that for Rebekah.

Even though Hayley is a married woman, these Haylijah fans out there are unwavering in their support. What is it about Hayley and Elijah that you think is just so mesmerizing for Originals fans?
I don’t know. I think it’s a combination of both of these characters within this very kind of heightened, supernatural, kind of dark world. They are very honest characters and really just want to see the good in people, so I think they’re very kind of similar souls in that way. I think they kind of want the same thing, and I think they’ve both gone through and faced a lot of adversity throughout their lives. I think, in a perfect world, they would just be together and make each other happy because they’ve had to go through so many awful things in their respective lives, and it would be like a nice happy ending. I think that’s why the fans like them.

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While we’re talking about complicated relationships, Hayley and Jackson’s fight was a real bummer. Should we brace ourselves for a werewolf divorce ritual?

It’s an interesting thing. The ritual they participated in was very specific: If they were to break the bonds of their marriage, all of the wolves who benefited from that ritual would return to being cursed. But I don’t think it’s accurate to say that one fight between two married people will lead to divorce. Hayley has an opportunity to voice her opinion about Jackson in this next episode, and she says some smart things about love and commitment and fighting for the people you care about. One of the things this show is about is family — our relationships with our brothers and sisters and children and parents. It’s also about how your commitments to your family sometimes get in the way of people we meet and fall in love with. Hayley might be in a tricky spot where she has to make some tough decisions, which is all part of her journey moving forward.

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I’ve added HQ scans of  Phoebe Tonkin in the new issue of Flaunt  to the gallery. You can read the interview below and please if you copy the scans, give credits to my site. Thank you!


Magazine Scan > 2015 > Flaunt Magazine (November 2015 issue)

You travel between Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Australia.  Do you ever feel split three different ways?

I travel almost every five days. I have gotten my travel routine down to a fine art. I feel like I know the guys from the TSA.

Do you have go-to spots in each city? For coffee, or drinks, or food?

Yes, definitely, I’m coffee crazy and I’m not a Starbucks person. Australia has the best coffee. L.A. is not that great.

Is there a role you’d love to take on at some point in your career?

I have thought about this a lot. I have recently reread The Crucible. I loved that movie and the plays growing up. Maybe a Broadway production would be cool.

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Now that Hayley is in her human body again, forming alliances against her enemies is paramount to keeping her daughter, Hope, safe. Among her friends, Hayley counts Marcel, a powerful vampire, Davina, the most powerful witch in New Orleans, and Cami, a psychoanalyzing human who really knows how to uncover peoples’ demons. (When she’s not in jail, that is.) Who are Hayley’s enemies on The Originals Season 3? The “unholy trinity” comes immediately to mind! Find out what else Phoebe Tonkin had to say about Hayley’s alliances and enemies:


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Phoebe Tonkin stopped by the EW offices to chat about what’s coming up for Hayley in season 3 — Klaus shouldn’t only be worried about the Trinity — and what her time as a wolf has done to her relationship with Jackson. Watch video below: