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Phoebe Tonkin Network has gorgeous new layouts (version 10.0) done by Cashmere Designs.  I hope you all love it as much as I do! ♥


Guys, I’m looking for staff for the site. You should have experience working on fansite. You must know how to use WordPress and Coppermine. You must be serious about this, responsible and dedicated. If any of you wants to be part of PTN’s staff, please contact me via twitter @PhoebeNetwork !

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I’ve added 62 photos of Phoebe Tonkin at the The Art of Elysium’s Ninth Annual Heaven Gala at 3LABS on January 9, 2016 in Culver City, California, and 19 photos at the 17th Annual InStyle And Warner Bros. Pictures Golden Globe After-Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. Previews and gallery links below:


Public Appearances > 2016 > January 9th Art of Elysium’s Heaven Gala

Public Appearances > 2016 > January 10th 2016 InStyle And Warner Bros 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards

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I’ve added 55 new photos of Phoebe Tonkin attending the TrevorLIVE LA Honoring Robert Greenblatt in Hollywood in Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles. Give them a look:


Public Appearances > 2014 > December 07th, 2014 TREVORLIVE LA

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To get the inside scoop on the action-packed hour, Phoebe Tonkin stopped by the ETonline studios and dished exclusive details on Hayley’s expertise in hybrid torture. Plus, have you ever wondered what Hayley and Elijah’s relationship would be like in a perfect, drama-free world? Tonkin described the swoon-worthy scenario!


Screen Captures > Interviews and Talk Show > Dec 03 2015: Phoebe Tonkin stopped by the ETonline studios

We’ve been having some serious Hayley and Rebekah withdrawals! Can we expect to see more scenes between those two kickass characters?
I think right now Haley is very much a part of trying to get Rebekah back and keeping Rebekah safe. She does have this really strong bond with her, like a sister, and she feel very protective of her. Hayley feels like Rebekah really did a lot to protect her, especially in the beginning, and she always tried to fight for Haley. So now Hayley kind of feels like she needs to do that for Rebekah.

Even though Hayley is a married woman, these Haylijah fans out there are unwavering in their support. What is it about Hayley and Elijah that you think is just so mesmerizing for Originals fans?
I don’t know. I think it’s a combination of both of these characters within this very kind of heightened, supernatural, kind of dark world. They are very honest characters and really just want to see the good in people, so I think they’re very kind of similar souls in that way. I think they kind of want the same thing, and I think they’ve both gone through and faced a lot of adversity throughout their lives. I think, in a perfect world, they would just be together and make each other happy because they’ve had to go through so many awful things in their respective lives, and it would be like a nice happy ending. I think that’s why the fans like them.

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The CW has released the episode stills for Episode 3.09 titled “Savior”. The episode airs Thursday, December 10 on The CW.


TV Productions > The Originals > Season Three > Episode Stills > 3.09 Savior Stills

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High quality screencaps for 3.08 The Other Girl In New Orleans have been added to the gallery


TV Productions > The Originals > Season Three > Screen Captures > 3.08 The Other Girl In New Orleans

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While EW was on set, Originals star Phoebe Tonkin took them on a quick set tour through the Mikaelson compound, Hayley’s new apartment, the wardrobe department, and more.


Screen Captures > The Originals > 4th Dec. 2015: Phoebe Tonkin takes EW on a set tour of The Originals


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While we’re talking about complicated relationships, Hayley and Jackson’s fight was a real bummer. Should we brace ourselves for a werewolf divorce ritual?

It’s an interesting thing. The ritual they participated in was very specific: If they were to break the bonds of their marriage, all of the wolves who benefited from that ritual would return to being cursed. But I don’t think it’s accurate to say that one fight between two married people will lead to divorce. Hayley has an opportunity to voice her opinion about Jackson in this next episode, and she says some smart things about love and commitment and fighting for the people you care about. One of the things this show is about is family — our relationships with our brothers and sisters and children and parents. It’s also about how your commitments to your family sometimes get in the way of people we meet and fall in love with. Hayley might be in a tricky spot where she has to make some tough decisions, which is all part of her journey moving forward.

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