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I’ve added HQ scans of  Phoebe Tonkin in the new issue of Flaunt  to the gallery. You can read the interview below and please if you copy the scans, give credits to my site. Thank you!


Magazine Scan > 2015 > Flaunt Magazine (November 2015 issue)

You travel between Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Australia.  Do you ever feel split three different ways?

I travel almost every five days. I have gotten my travel routine down to a fine art. I feel like I know the guys from the TSA.

Do you have go-to spots in each city? For coffee, or drinks, or food?

Yes, definitely, I’m coffee crazy and I’m not a Starbucks person. Australia has the best coffee. L.A. is not that great.

Is there a role you’d love to take on at some point in your career?

I have thought about this a lot. I have recently reread The Crucible. I loved that movie and the plays growing up. Maybe a Broadway production would be cool.

YourZenLife has grown, what inspired you to create YZL?

Teresa [Palmer] and I were good buddies and when we moved to L.A.—well she moved to L.A. a few years before me—we were sick and tired of conversations in L.A. about weight and issues we felt were dumb to talk about. We didn’t want to be part of that conversation so we decided to make our own conversation about positivity and friendship and craft the advice that we wanted to hear. That turned into a platform for people to write their own content.

Your profile on YZL says that plane tickets are one of your “greatest extravagances,” where is your favorite place to visit?

I go to Bali a lot. It’s not that far from Australia. I really want to get back there in the next year. I love the energy, I love the lifestyle, and there are a lot of Australians there. Surf culture and beautiful architecture; you can go there and really detox. Health-oriented massage places and meditation are always good, it’s a healthy place to live, not just visit.

When in a new city, where do you normally end up exploring?

My favorite thing to do when I get to a new place is blend in and walk. I like to walk and get lost a little bit—thank god for GPS these days—eight or nine years ago I was in Hawaii and I decided to do just that, I ended up on a bus with no clue where it was going. I had no idea where I was or how to get home. That’s kind of my favorite way to see a city—to not really have any plans, to just explore.

What would you name your yacht?

I have a poster that I am staring at in my living room right now and it says ‘Lost Cat.’  So I would call my yacht the ‘Lost Cat.’ And if you get lost you can just GPS your way back.

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